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About UNION Biztosító
Vienna Insurance Group

About UNION Biztosító

UNION Biztosító is one of the most dynamically developing companies in the Hungarian insurance market, satisfying a wide range of client needs with its composite products.
The Company, showing consistent growth in the last few years, plays an important role not only on the Hungarian insurance market, but also within its parent company, Vienna Insurance Group, as based on its results.


UNION is one of the best capitalized insurance companies on the Hungarian market: it has the fourth highest share capital amongst insurance companies and associations. Its funding is guaranteed by its parent company, Vienna Insurance Group founded in 1824, the second largest insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe.


With its wide range of life and non-life insurance products, UNION offers solutions for requirements to deal with every day situations, including long-term investment objectives, financial security for unexpected situations, ensuring high level health services, safeguarding of homes, protection of assets or property, liability and motor vehicle insurance, requirements of commercial enterprises, corporate clients and institutions. UNION offers innovative, customized and individualized insurance solutions for retail, corporate and institutional clients alike.


UNION offers its clients easy access to its services with its expansive distribution channels. Its sales network covers the entire country, but naturally it cooperates with several strategic sales partners and is gradually expanding its relations with brokerage firms too. In addition, based on fruitful cooperation with other financial institutions, financial professionals, chambers and trade unions it can satisfy even more complex client needs. Customer relations are supported with an advanced telephone customer service and a five-channel claim reporting system, with which the services of the insurance company can be easily accessed.


Customer satisfaction is a very high priority for UNION; therefore it adapts to customer requirements not only through the development of its products, but also through a continuous development of its administrative processes and information technology system, and the use of cutting-edge technology throughout the entire term of customer relationship. As a result, according to a survey carried out by GfK Hungária Piackutató during the second half of 2013, regarding the image elements’ scale of several insurers UNION is outstanding in listening to customer needs, correct in claim settlements and its employees are customer friendly and client-centered.


Primarily owing to its innovative products and flexibility in responding to customers’ needs, UNION was able to achieve an extremely dynamic growth that has been unparalleled on the Hungarian market, and consequently its premium income in 2013 reached HUF 33.9 billion. Owing to these outstanding results the company, as a Hungarian corporation, is now in the top third segment of the insurance market.

1082 Budapest, Baross u. 1.
Tel.: (1) 486-4200
Fax: (1) 486-4390
E-mail: info[kukac]

Vienna Insurance Group

UNION Biztosító is the member of the Austrian Vienna Insurance Group.

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) is the leading insurance specialist in Austria as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. About 50 companies in 24 countries form a Group with a long-standing tradition, strong brands and close customer relations. VIG looks back on 190 years of experience in the insurance business. With about 25,000 employees, Vienna Insurance Group is the clear market leader in its core markets. It is therefore excellently positioned to take advantage of the long-term growth opportunities in a region with 180 million people. The listed Vienna Insurance Group is the best-rated company of ATX, the leading index of Vienna Stock Exchange; its share is also listed on the Prague Stock Exchange.


Outside of its home base in Austria, Vienna Insurance Group is also active, through subsidiaries and insurance holdings,in Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Georgia, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine and Belarus. It also has branches in Italy and Slovenia. On the Austrian market, the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) positions itself with Wiener Städtische Versicherung, Donau Versicherung and Sparkassen Versicherung.

Vienna Insurance Group in Hungary

Vienna Insurance Group entered the Hungarian Insurance market with UNION Biztosító in 2000. In 2008 it purchased the insurance business of Erste Bank in six countries, among them in Hungary. Therefore in Hungary the Group is represented already by five companies: UNION Biztosító, Erste Biztosító, Vienna Life Biztosító, Money&More Pénzügyi Tanácsadó Zrt. and ERSTE Biztosítási Alkusz Kft.

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